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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive.

If you don't find an answer that fits, please contact our customer services on our contact page.


How do I make a purchase on the website?

Making an order on our website is very simple:

  • Check that the indicated despatch country corresponds with the order's destination country. If this is not the case, you can change this by opening the list of possible despatch countries.
  • Select your choice of product(s). Enter your size requirements and add the item(s) to the shopping baskets, no more than 5 items at any one time. You can see all of the items in your basket at any time.
  • To complete your order, simply go to your shopping basket and click on "process the order"
  • Complete the form with your delivery address and payment information. Click on "proceed to check-out" to confirm.
  • If your delivery information is confirmed, the order process will be completed successfully and the confirmation of your order will be displayed along with an order number. You will also receive this information by email. If you haven't already saved your details? You will need to create your own personal customer account by providing your email address and a pass-word. You will then need to enter the following information: civil status, first-name, surname, delivery address, post-code, country and telephone number.

How do I pay for my purchases on the website? proposes a number of different payment methods depending on the country of delivery. First select your country to see the available payment method options...

Are payments secure?

Payment is completely secure thanks to our banking partner's on-line payment system: Ogone Ingenico-

Ogone INGENICO is the only party to have access, through their secure platform, to your banking data. None of this information passes in any way through the website.

To combat internet fraud, we propose the 3D Secure system, as provided by financial establishments, for Paypal payments.

The 3D Secure standard functions on the basis of requesting an additional piece of information known only to the bank and the card-holder during a transaction through an authentication process to ensure that the card is being used by its legitimate owner.

This authentication is obligatory and any refusal to comply or error in entering the payer's personal data will cause the transaction to be cancelled.

Can I track my order?

Yes, as soon as your purchase has been completed you will be able to see your order status on the "your account_your orders" section of the website.

Once your order has been despatched and has left our workshops, you will receive an email with the shipping company's tracking ID number, with which you will be able to track your package's progress at any time.

If you have any questions, contact us on our contact page..

What kind of guarantees do items purchased on the website have?

All of our creations have a 2 year manufacturing defect warranty.

The items on sale on our website have been chosen from the arche collection and fulfil the same quality and guarantee requirements of all arche creations.

Our customer service department has an after-sales service to deal with any problems raised by our creations, ready to provide rapid and effective assistance to our customers.

If you have any questions, contact us on our contact page.

Can I get my arche shoes repaired?

We strongly recommend that you go to your local professional shoe repair service/cobbler.

If you have any questions, contact us on our contact page.

How much does postage and packaging cost?

Postage and packaging costs are charged at their cost-price and depend on the number of items in your order, the selected delivery method and the destination country, once you have chosen your item and entered your address details you can click on "estimate your postage and packaging costs" to see how much they will be.

Free shipping for all orders in UPS Standard only.


To which countries can my order be sent to?

The website can only send orders to mainland France and Countries from European Union.

What shipping methods are available?

arche proposes the following delivery methods:

  • to UPS Pick-up point* with UPS Standard or UPS Express 
  • to your home with with UPS Standard or UPS Express 

* The list of UPS Pick-up points is avilable here.

When will my order be shipped?

We know that you will be looking forward to receiving your order as quickly as possible, all orders completed before midday will be sent within 5 working days.

arche will not process any orders for which a general delivery, PO box or Cedex address is provided.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

The estimated delivery times as of the date of dispatch, and depending on the chose, delivery method, will be:

  • to your UPS Pick-up point or to your home with UPS Standard :      5 working days
  • to your UPS Pick-up point or to your home with UPS Express:        before midday on the next working day

Deliveries cannot be made on Sundays and bank holidays.

* The list of UPS Pick-up points is avilable here.

How much does delivery cost?

Postage & packing charges are calculated depending on the number of items in the order, your chosen delivery method and the country of the delivery address.

Free shipping for all orders  in UPS Standard only.

Exchange & returns

How can I return an item I have purchased on-line?

Click here for more information about returns.

If you wish to return all or part of your order you have 14 working days from the date you receive it to do so.

The items must be returned in their original packaging, complete (box, instructions, accessories, etc.), new, and unused to the return address, accompanied with a completed return form.

As shipping fees and any potential risks of the return remain at the customer's charge and sole responsibility, we suggest to sent the returned item(s) by registered post with tracking. Keep a copy of the proof of dispatch.

arche reserves the right to refuse any returns that so not satisfy these conditions.

Purchases made on our on-line shop cannot be exchanged or refunded in our real-world arche shops or at any of our retail outlets.

All returns must be addressed

- to : arche, Service retour arche_lab,  rue de Fléteau, 37110 Château-Renault

Can I exchange my purchase for another size or model?

If, for any reason (size, colour, etc.), you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, you have 14 days to change it.

Ensure that the return conditions are met before doing this. If you have any questions, contact us on our contact page.

Can I track the return of an order purchased on-line?

Yes, you can track the return of your order by going to the "your orders" section. The return status will be updated and you will be informed on the website and by email:

  • Once you have registered the order to be returned
  • On reception of the package by our head offices
  • Once the process is complete

If you have any questions, contact us on our contact page.

When will I receive the refund for a returned on-line purchase?

After reception of your package and once we have checked and accepted that the conditions have been satisfied, we will then refund the invoiced value of the items using the same payment method as that used originally to pay the order. The account will be credited within 14 working days of receiving your return.

For partial returns or returns for any reason other than a manufacturing defect, hidden defect, error or late delivery during the "satisfaction guarantee" period, the shipping costs for the return will remain at your charge.

We cannot refund any incomplete returns or worn, dirty or damaged items

What can I do if the item has a manufacturing defect?

At arche, the complete satisfaction of our customers is our objective. If you consider that the item you have received has a manufacturing defect, you can contact our customer service department on our contact page, please have your order reference number to hand so that we find an appropriate solution together.

arche creations

What shoe-size system is used for arche creations?

All sizes used on the website comply with French standards.

If you have any questions about converting sizes, each product description on our on-line shop also includes a size-guide with detailed information.

How do I look after my arche items?

The manufacture of arche creations in our workshops involves around one hundred skilled actions per shoe. Only two or three actions are necessary to keep them beautiful.

for nubucks

Our nubucks have been carefully selected from our European suppliers and are made from calf leather; the grain has been polished to achieve their soft feel and typical velvet finish.

  • If some of our nubucks have received waterproof treatment, we recommend that for most of them, you apply a water-proofing treatment yourself to maintain the quality of their finish. To do this, we recommend the regular application of a specific waterproofing spray.
  • To maintain their finish and remove dust, simply clean them gently with a soft brush (nylon bristles) or a more abrasive suede brush (use with care).
  • To deal with any superficial stains, it is best to gently clean with soapy water - preferably Marseilles soap - taking care to rinse the area you have cleaned with clean water. Once dry (in open-air and away from a source of heat), finish the cleaning process by brushing the nubuck, it will thus recover its distinctive finish.
  • We recommend the use of fine china clay for oily stains.
  • Be careful to never use shoe-wax on nubucks, this will damage their velvet finish.

smooth leathers

Our smooth leathers are made from skins produced by the finest European suppliers; they are all full-grain calfskin, lambskin, bull calf-skin and deer-skin leather, treated to achieve the correct grain effect.

  • We recommend the regular application of a suitable water-proofing treatment to protect its refined finish. We recommend the use of leather-care cream or lotion products to maintain their typical softness and colour.
  • Use a soft cloth or brush to remove dust.
  • For superficial stains, apply soapy water - preferably Marseilles soap - or a suitable leather shampoo to the affected area and then rinse with clean water. After leaving to dry in a ventilated area away from any source of heat, you should apply a specific leather nourishing cream and then polish with a woollen cloth or a reversed sheepskin glove.
  • Please note, the choice of a high quality shoe-wax is essential to avoid damaging the leather's softness and colour.

patent leathers

Our patent leathers are rigorously selected for their softness, the full-grain calf-skin leathers are treated with a smooth varnish.

  • The use of a face-cleansing cream is appropriate to maintain their shine.
  • Alcohol-free skin-cleansing wipes can be used to remove dust and clean patent leather.

designer leathers

Our designer leathers, whether with a printed finish or applied designs, are made from European origin full-grain calf-skin leather.

  • Regular use of a leather water-proofing product is suitable to maintain their shine. Apply a specific leather nourishing cream to maintain resistance, softness and the brilliance of their colours; however be sure to try the product first on a hidden part of the shoe to ensure that it doesn't smear the leather.
  • Use a soft cloth or brush to remove dust from these designer leathers.
  • Apply soapy water - preferably Marseilles soap - or a suitable leather shampoo to the affected area and then rinse with clean water to remove superficial stains. After leaving to dry in a ventilated area away from any source of heat, you should apply a specific leather nourishing cream and then polish with a woollen cloth or a reversed sheepskin glove.
  • Please note, shoe-wax may alter the printed finishes and should not be used at all.


Our creations generally have soles made from a soft material: Lactae Hevea®, Formula Natural®, latex or rubber.

  • The organic nature of soles made from pure hevea milk may sometimes lead to the apparition of white marks. Use a lint-free cloth with a bit of lemon juice or colourless vinegar to make these go away.
  • Use soapy water as indicated to clean all soles.
  • Please note, chemical solvents will deteriorate the material of the soles: we strongly suggest that you do not use them.

What do I do if the colour fades?

The colours used by arche each season are applied in dye baths during the tanning process resulting in a beautiful colour impregnated throughout the leather keeping their natural beauty. The intense colours of our creations come from the much sought after subtle feel of our leathers are proof of their nature and authenticity.

Surface treatments are avoided to maintain the beautiful nature of these unique skins. Their colour intensity and pliable nature is therefore ideal, especially with our nubucks with their unique finish.

This degree of quality may sometimes lead to a slight transfer to other items of clothing or the skin which may be amplified by the acidity of the skin or residual dust on the surface after the polishing of the grain of the nubuck skins. This is a simple transfer and is not serious. A little soap and water is usually enough to remove any such marks on the skin.

Avoid prolonged contact with water; humidity may increase any such transfer of the colours to clothing. Prolonged exposure to light-sources may fade the colour of the leather over time.

How durable is arche footwear?

Our creations are developed to meet the highest quality standards, specifically those concerning the selection of raw materials.

All of our leathers are sourced from European suppliers, each of which respect all applicable ethical standards and respect the environment in the production of their premium leathers.

To ensure the typically brilliant colours which make up our arche DNA our carefully selected suppliers use traditional tanning processes which are covered by the European REACH standards.

All of our creations are developed in our French creation studio which has been based in the Val de Loire region since 1968. The largest part of our creations are manufactured at the same site near to the city of Tours, a very small part of our collections are produced in other European workshops which we carefully supervise ourselves.

Every one of our creations is subjected to a final quality control process in our Chateau-Renault workshops before arriving in your hands.