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our values

Since 1968 our company has expanded and developed throughout the world, always remaining committed to its original ambition: to create shoes whose style and comfort will last a life-time. Our creations are models of quality and originality, produced with the skills and craftsmanship that have been so carefully preserved byour resolutely French family-owned business. In the heart of the luxuriant and green Val de Loire region, motivated by a common need for exchange, quality and ethics, our small team works to combine authentic tradition with audacious innovation. AtArche we feel that the heritage of human craftsmanship is irreplaceable... Respect for the craftsman's skill and for a sense of community is what makes us stand out, and that is recognised throughout the world through our footwear collections.

Our careers

Our activity runs along three distinct but complementary paths, each of these requires specific skills and contributes to the perfection of our originality.




Our creative team are both open-minded to the world of fashion and long-standing residents of our Château-Renault workshops where they design and develop our footwear and accessory collections in close collaboration with our production workshops. Their mission: to create a unique style that is renewed each season, high quality designs combining inspiration and realism.




To maintain skilled craftsmanship alive, as a legacy passed down from generation togeneration, our production workshops leave nothing to chance. Man or machine, our demanding quality criteria remains the same: the perfect controlled gesture, completed by logistical resources which cover the whole world.



Our extensive know-how is our identity; our sales teams are committed tocommercialising and promoting our collections and also to the transmission of our values. Through our extensive network, our arche style is actively deployed by our ambassadors in over 25 countries covering Europe, Asia and the United States. Each of them passionately defends our creations and the sophisticated lifestyle they represent along with the luxurious colours and fine leathers which are the identity ofour French designs.


Unsolicited résumé

If you haven't found a career opportunity which suits your experience but you still wish to share your talents with us...

Beyond your professionalism, we are interested in what makes you what and whoyou are: we will examine your résumé carefully and thoroughly.

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career opportunities

As a French footwear and accessories designer and producer, we have been cultivating our originality since 1968. Our creativity is the largest part of our design ethic: the highest quality lines, colours and fine leathers define our collections. The singularity of our style is based on our dynamic: we are constantly expanding and seeking to associate ourselves with the newest talents, individuals sensitive to the world of casual style.

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